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This computer came with Windows XP, a DVD-ROM drive, and a optional floppy drive.

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mouse and keyboard do not come on, no light on either

keyboard and mouse have no power when computer is turned on

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How far does your PC turn on? All the way to the Windows desktop? Are there any beeps when it turns on?

What are the colours of the 4 diagnostic lights on the back of the PC reading L to R as viewed from the back after the PC is turned on?


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@steve1949 ,Stephen, Try to start up in safe mode. Turn on the computer, Press the F8 key repeatedly when the first screen appears, from the windows options menu, select safe mode and press enter.

From here you can re install drivers in case they have become corrupt or you can use system restore back to a earlier date to see if it will fix. If after doing either of these steps and things seem to be OK, Run your virus scan and malware scan in case infected.

jayeff, has a lot of knowledge he can also share, it would be worth replying to his comment also.

Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Hi @lpfaff1

He might have a bit of trouble trying to implement your answer. He says that the keyboard and mouse do not work (no lights on either-no power?) on start up. ;)

He could try using a USB keyboard and USB mouse to see if they work just in case his PS/2 keyboard/mouse controller is faulty. It is a bit unusual for both the keyboard and mouse to fail at the same time unless either the controller is faulty or it is a power problem.


@jayeff , good point, if indeed no power at key board or mouse and it is ineffective trying F8 key at start up, Stephen should use your good suggestion and try external key board. Thanks for your input jayeff, appreciated!


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