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The Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5084 is a mid-cost laptop that is a part of the Toshiba Satellite C650 series. The C655D-S5084 is a customized version of the base model.

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Why won't my laptop turn on at all?

So my charger broke about 2 months ago, and I haven't been on my laptop since. It was working fine the last time I was on it before it died though.

I just got a new charger with an universal adapter, but my laptop will not turn on at all. Not even the charge light is showing,

Is it the charger or the laptop??

I tried letting it charge w/o battery for 20 hrs, & taking the battery out & doing the 30 secs thing, but nothing's working.

The problem is I can't tell if they sent me a bad/wrong charger. It fits my laptop, but it looks a bit different from my last.

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This issue is common with Toshiaba laptops and is usually caused by a deeply discharged battery, caused by an extended period of storage with an already flat battery. It's not usually due to a fault or damage.

The way to fix this issue is to leave the laptop on charge with the battery inserted for at least three hours, during which it is normal to not see any indication that it is charging, after which any usual charging indicators should start functioning and the unit will start charging like normal.

This is due to the laptop going through a stage of "pre-charging" to allow the battery to reach a state ready to charge and be used normally without damage to the battery or laptop.

If keeping the laptop on charge for more then three hours doesn't cause any indicators to show as normal then this may be a fault with the charging circuitry and may require replacing the main systemboard or power supply subboard, depending on what the model of your laptop uses, or the battery itself. Though this is rare and the above advice will usually work.

Hope this solves your issue.

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