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Replacing crack MacBook screen

My MacBook was knocked off a table and the screen cracked. The display still works just fine. I have replaced my cracked I have replaced my cracked iPhone screen a few times and feel comfortable enough to do the same repair on my MacBook. I do know there are some downsides to doing my own repairs. I believe if the phone/laptop is opened it voids some type of warranty but I'm fine with doing that if it means I have a nice new screen. My question is... what is the bare minimum that I need?? Just a new piece of glass for the screen basically

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Please give us your specific model number and year.


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Watch this video by Louis Rossmann:

This is a glass only replacement.

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You'll likely just need a spludger and a new piece of glass.

If the screen itself was damaged, though, you'd need specific screwdrivers, as well. If the frame around the screen is bent, you'll need to bend it back into the original shape.

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