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The BLU Life 8 is a smartphone based on Android 4.2. It is equipped with a 5" display with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

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Why is my micrphone malfunctioning?

microphone is not working.. whenever chatting I can hear friends but they are unable to hear me

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Try using the earphones with the microphone attachment.

If you cannot be heard on a call when using this, there is a problem with the voice transmission circuitry on the mainboard in the phone.

If you can be heard when using this then your problem is either a faulty or loose microphone in the phone or perhaps the voice inlet hole located on the bottom edge of the phone may be blocked by dust or lint.

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to see if the inlet hole seems clear. If it appears to be blocked do not try to clear it using a pin or any other type of probe as the microphone is directly behind the hole and you may damage it. Use short sharp bursts from a vacuum cleaner and see if this clears the obstruction (if any).

If it appears that the microphone/microphone connection is the problem, here is a link to a video which shows how to fix the USB port in a Blu Life 8. I realize that this is not your problem but the video is handy as it shows how to open the phone so that you can get access to the microphone and determine what the problem is. It is in Portuguese but the video is self explanatory.

If you find this too daunting I recommend that you contact three reputable, professional mobile phone repair services and ask for a quote to repair the phone. I suggest three as this way if all the quote cost estimates are close to each other you will have a better idea of the true cost of repair

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