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Guide de réparation et support pour les Netbook de la marque Acer incluant la série Aspire One.

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Wireless laptop adapter not working but usb ONE works!


Laptop- Acer Aspire 5745g, Inbuilt wifi adapter -Broadcom 802.11n

OS- Windows 7 professional, all drivers updated as per acer driver guide.

My laptop inbuilt wireless adapter suddenly stopped working (I do not remember, what changes I was doing). So after uninstall/reinstall of wifi drivers , I am currently using external usb adapter (Dlink Micro), which works good.

I use to connect to mobile hotspot and Home-Wifi, both works under external adapter.

But something is strange. Now I have two wireless configurations

Wifi@laptop - for Broadcom

Wifi@Dlink - for external adapter.

When I am connecting (from Wifi@Dlink) to any of two networks the strength is full, at same time in Wifi@laptop shows nil or one bar. If I try to connect to wifi@laptop network, it gives message as "Unable to connect to ... network"

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It seems as though you may have a faulty Broadcom WLAN module or that one of the antennas has come loose.

Here is a link to the service manual for an Acer Aspire 5745 series laptop. While I realize that it is not your particular model it should be close enough to be relevant. It is different from your model in that it lists Atheros and Huawei as being the type of WLAN module available rather than Broadcom (see p.171 for listing and part number).

It shows how to access the WLAN module to remove it. Scroll to p.60 to view the pre-requisites and then the procedure to remove the WLAN module.

If you find that the antennas are connected properly it may be that the part number for the WLAN module in your laptop is "stickered' on the module. If you search online using just the part number only you may find suppliers of the part. If the price is right you may wish to consider whether replacing it is an option. Alterantively it may be that the Atheros and Huawei modules most probably would also work.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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@jayeff thanks. I will check and reply

But in this line I like add some more points.

Once or twice I switched to wifi@laptop and it got connected. I was able to download some files also. The signal strength was partial as compared to wifi@dlink. Then next day it was gone...

So it may be the loose connection problem.

Let me check.




exact solution. I opened the back panel and found that the connector of wlan module was disconnected. Now fixed and its working fine.

Saved from buying the external adapter (which I had borrowed).

Thanks you are lifesaver!!


Hi @cpicsonly ,

Glad you got it going. Enjoy!


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