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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 5,5" est une version plus large de l'iPhone 6.

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Screen quality whats wrong

Hey.. :)

I have a question about this screen.. As you can see, the color changes when i touch the glass. Is it because of bad quality of screen or did i something wrong at the replacement?? I changed the whole back housing and the screen. I got the screen from aliexpress.. If its because of the bad quality, can anyone recommend a company og a supplier at aliexpress or something where the quality is top? I got this for 25 dollars..

Can i do something to do it better so it doesn't do that? Its very frustrating!

Update (01/09/2017)

This video is where it got a little bit better.. But still not good enough???

And this is where the screen is out from the frame where it works fine..

Maybe i did something wrong when I replaced the whole back housing?? But cant see what it can be???

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Unless you are buying original refurbished LCD from a reputable seller , anyone's best guess on what quality you will end up with , there is always a catch with cheap , if it's less than 50 - 55usd as of this time of writing , per screen I would question its quality and not touch it


It's a crappy display


I can guarantee it's a low quality screen from how much you paid especially from ali baba like that as I've never ever seen a screen do that before.


The problem is Thy when i take it out from the back housing, it doesnt Do it.. Everything is normal then.. Hmm.. Do you guys know any sites, Where i Can buy iPhone screens:)? Im in Europe...


iFixit Europe.

The screen most likely has a bad screen frame that doesn't clip into the phone frame properly causing uneven pressure.


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Those marks are from something pressing on the back of the backlight. Maybe check if the frame is straight, check the metal plate on the back of the glass for any dirt, tape or glass. Did the metal plate sit in nicely before screwing it in? You didn't need to bend the tags, or no pressure? Does the screen do it while it's out of the frame? Otherwise you may be able to gently heat the screen with a hairdryer to about 60deg C or 140F, let it cool and test again.

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I have tried anything.. Took the metal plate out, the srews out and cleaned all the sides but nothing helped.. The frame is straigt, Its clean but when i take the screen of the frame, it doesnt Do that.. Hmmmm.. What to Do?? I have to fix it! Thanks for the answer :)


I just tried everything. I have loosen the screws on the back side of LCD, it got better, much better. But still, its not perfect? Im very frustrated about this. Dont now what to do? The "problem" is that, when i take it out from the frame, there is nothing wrong and everything is perfect on the screen. I can press it and slide without any issues but when i put it in the housing, the same problem appears again??? The metal bracket on the back side of LCD is straight, there is nothing to see in the sides where the screws is, back housing is straight, screen is new. Cant see what the problem could be??

And another thing is that i just bought an another screen from a repair shop ( screen they use in their shops) and the same problem appears when i put it in the back housing? When i take it off, all is perfect.. What can it beeeeee ??????

Sorry for my english, Im from Denmark :D


Ok I first thought maybe the plastic frame hasn't been glued down properly in the cheap screen, which causes pressure when you put the metal plate on. But if it does it on another screen. Then now I'm guessing are you taking the thin plastic sheet off the back of the LCD? There is usually a pink or red plastic sheet that is used to protect the backlight in transport. It needs to be removed before you put the metal plate on.


Yeah ofcourse, i have removed it.. But the same problem is there.. It seems like you know a bit bout this, Do you have whatsapp, Facebook? Maybe we could have a little talk there :) +4542424857 :)


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