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La version 2016 du smartphone budget Samsung Galaxy A3 (numéro de modèle : A310F).

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My A3 2016 dropped and screen sent blank

So i wAs in school and i dropped IT and the screen went black i wAs listening to music and it worked but the screen was black I don't know what to do please help!

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Plz Help us mu cell phone droped black sacreen slowly slowly bacause my cellphone bihind me then tell me what i do i dnt know what to do please help


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The LCD is probably damaged (part which displays picture). Usually this cracks instead of the glass on Samsung's, and you may be able to see a crack if you shine the screen at a certain angle, in which case the screen will need to be replaced. If not, the LCD cable may have disconnected.

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niezły poradnik, pomógł mi to rozwiązać.


Mine has no crack and it happened when I was what sapping colors appeared then a black screen. I can hear it turn on but no futures seen.


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