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Model A1174 with 2 GHz Core Duo or Model A1207 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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Hard drive replacement recognition

Just replaced the HDD with a known working one. It is not being recognized.

When I start up from a dock unit has no problems, but does not show the newly installed drive. Unit works fine from the external dock (drive).

I have apple service manual and have viewed you replacement video. From what I can tell the drive is properly installed and everything plugged in properly. So what am I missing, or where should I be looking?

Not my first rodeo… and as you know these units are a bear!

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Looks about this vintage:

Apple iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.16 20-Inch Specs

Identifiers: Late 2006 - MA589LL - iMac5,1 - A1207 - 2118

The drive has to be formatted. Boot up from your original system installation disk, go to the second page pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utility and format it. Then install a system.

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Carter here, I am sorry perhaps I was not clear enough about the facts.

The drive is already a formatted, loaded working drive (one pulled from my Mac Pro). It is not a formatting problem nor a system problem. it is a hardware snafu, and the drive is properly "plugged in". (I have formatted and installed hundreds of drives)


The drive may not be backward compatible. What drive are you using? Did I get the correct machine?


Yes, you have the right machine. It is not about the drive's compatibility,it will work from my external dock. Better odds in the wiring or another unseated plug, or, or, or…..


Did you put a system on it?

Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.4.7 (8K1106) Maximum MacOS: X 10.7.5*

What was going on with the old drive?


I used a working OSX 10.7.5, I am not sure about the old one. It has been in storage for a few years. That being said, the iMac works just fine when it boots from my ext. dock. Again, it is not about the 'drive', it is about the rest of the unit. (i.e. wiring, plugs etc.) As I have it back together now (except for the 'cover', I would pose the question before removing the screen and such and therefore know where to focus my search.


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