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A Bluetooth smart speaker by Amazon, announced November 6, 2014. The Amazon Echo SK705DI features a voice-activated cloud-based assistant that can manage various tasks including playing music, reading news, creating lists, and answering questions.

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Why won't Alexa talk to me

Alexa won't respond to anything

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Alexa does not respondent


Alexa will not talk to me, what's up with this.


Does Alexa respond to any other voice. Also is Alexa comparable to your internet router?


Where do I find Alexa icon?


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Hmm well, Open Alexa app then go to setting section.

Click on Alexa Account then will show some options like Recognised Voices, Kid skills, Voice Purchasing, Alexa Voice responses, and History. Fine! now you click on Recognised Voices then Create a User Voice Profile. it will help Alexa to call you by name & improve your personalized section with your Voice.

By tapping “BEGIN“ you can create a voice profile. Make sure Supported Devices are connected properly to capture your voice.

If already created with other’s voice then delete it and recreate it with your own Voice Profile.


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She isn't talking to me at

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Look online for your specific model and try to factory reset it.


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