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Tutoriel de réparation et assistance pour la Mégane de 2ème génération de la marque Renault, également connue sous le nom de Mégane II.

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Why is there oil in my renault intake/inlet manifold

Hi Guyz my name is Steven I own a Renault Megane 2005 2.0L 16v Coupe Cabriolet these are the problems I have.

<1st> the car revs itself from 2000 to 3500 RPM at IDLE and even when I driving it Revs its self

<2nd> the car has the "Check Injection" message on Dashboard, when the engine is it has a rough Idling sounds like its firing on 3 pistons. when I sent it to the diagnostics yesterday it said nothing about the injector rail, coil or plugs which I suspected then I assumed that it was an air leak some under the manifold cause I also noticed that the throttle body doesn't close completely. so I removed the intake manifold and I found that it had oil in it which was strange cause from my knowledge only air moves there.

Now I don't know what to do, please advise



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Hey m8 did u resolve this issue with ur megane as I'm currently goin thru what sounds like the very same problem with having spent alot of time trying to solve it in now to the point where the only thing that's gonna fix it is a nice big match box


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it may be caused by map sensor (top left on engine), check piping for evap sensor too

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