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Le Moto G4 Plus est une version améliorée du Moto G4. Il inclut un lecteur d'empreintes digitales, une mémoire à meilleure capacité et une caméra arrière perfectionnée. Numéros de modèle XT1642 et XT1644.

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I dropped a 70 pound weight on my face down MotoG and it doesn't turn

I dropped a 70 pound weight on my face down phone and it doesn't turn on. The phone is slightly bent but no other visible damage. I took the back off down to the battery but can't see any thing wrong. Is there some troubleshooting that I can do to see what to fix or replace?

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Kevin Egle post some images of your damaged Moto phone. It is possible that you have a bend logic board as well as a lot of other things that may have failed. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante to post images. It will allow us to see what you see.


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Kevin, here is a disassembly guide.

I have one of these. The battery back cover comes off, but the battery is not supposed to be removed normally.

1) take apart this phone and see if the battery has been disconnected in some way from the logic board

2) see if theres any damage or deformity to the logic board. If you are lucky, the battery somehow just got disconnected

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Which generation is this? iFixit has some guides you might follow to disassemble it.

Depending on how much damage your weight did, it may simply be as simple as replacing the screen or simply knocked the cable for the display loose. But if it it internal damage, it will likely need a new logic board. If you press the power button and you can feel it power on (i.e. it vibrates or makes sounds), it may just be a display issue.

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Moto G4. Nothing happens when I push the power button. No visible connections are bad.


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