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large files & dimension

hello, d disk on single file have. opening how & what should make im? dimension if many big(66,1 gb). any another place to receive would how?

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Your question is not clear. Try asking in your own language. ask what you want to do, with what type of equipment.


computer to belong large file issues. already recent degree simple explanation making im. big sized (66,1 gb) files available D disc on.


The word order is hard to understand. What do you mean by im? If I understand it, you are asking how to transfer 66.1 GB to another device?


Hi @lightnwire ,

Do you think that he means that he wants to put a 66.1GB file onto a DVD or CD disc? He mentions D: drive in computer which can mean the DVD drive.


@jayeff ;

That is the best I can understand. The problem with ftasdemir398 is that the syntax he uses sounds like he is translating word for work from what he speaks to English. It does sound a bit like Yoda. One of the biggest challenges as a technician is to listen to the customer's description of the problem, good communication is hard in the best circumstances.


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If you mean that you want to copy a 66.1GB file to a disc of some sort, it is not easy. You would have to use software to either compress the file to a suitable size, which I don't think that you can achieve (getting 66.1GB down to 8.5GB - dual layer DVD disc - 4.7Gb single layer DVD disc - 700MB CD disc by compressing it) or to split the file into multiple files e.g. .rar files and copy them to multiple discs.

The easiest way to do it is to copy it to an external USB HDD or perhaps a 128GB USB flashdrive or if you can compress it enough copy it to a 64GB USB flashdrive drive

Here is how to do it.

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new single case receiving im. whats to care making shall im?


Sir please use native speach.


Hi @pccheese ,

Here we go George.

Possible translate

new single case receiving im -- I am getting a new single hard drive enclosure.

Possibly means external enclosure for either IDE HDD or SATA HDD, BUT we don't know what type of connection it has to the computer or what type of OS is installed etc

whats to care making shall im ------- How should I connect it to make it work and what should I look out for

Your turn.

Tell him how to connect an external HDD in an enclosure and make it work, all options i.e. Both major OS types and connection types.

Just saying 'Google it' won't do, although it should really suffice given the paucity of the information supplied, notwithstanding the language barrier, despite repeated requests.

Do this, get accepted or not and I will definitely vote it up!

As an aside, you being a lot, lot younger then me, does Fast Rimed (quick or fast rhymed or reverse rhyming slang) mean anything at all to you? Like in online gaming , texting, Hip Hop perhaps etc, I have no idea about these). Trying to un-anagram (is there such a word?) the OP and that is the best that I can come up with that to me makes a bit of sense in relation to the syntax of the questions being asked by the OP.


@jayeff, I know less about texting and hip hop than you do. I don't watch YouTube, I don't like most modern music, and I don't have cell service so no texting. I'm pretty well isolated. I'll try to do what you ask later-I must go to church right now. I also don't use social media.


Hi @pccheese ,

Don't stress yourself about it George. If he picks up on my comment he'll be able to work it out himself.

About the only thing different for me is that I do have a cell phone. Second hand Nokia 1100. Used for emergencies only, which fortunately never happen. As for most of the rest ditto


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