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Tutoriels de réparation pour les iMac Intel 21,5" d'Apple

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very slow while starting

it is taking to much time to start my iMac.

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How about telling us your exact model you have as there are issues on some versions of the 21.5" systems that can effect things here.


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It sounds like you need to do some TLC on your drive:

  • Start off by making a good backup of your stuff.
  • Using an external bootable drive run Disk Utility from it to make sure the drive is in good shape.
  • You'll need to clean off at least of 1/4 of the drive (the more the better) of old documents and apps.
  • Next we want to get rid of the old cache & log files using an app like this: Disk Doctor
  • Last step! Run a drive defrag program like this if you have a HD (not SSD): Drive Genius

Other things that can help is add more RAM if you can with your system. If you have a traditional HD consider upgrading it to a hybrid (SSHD) like this one: Seagate FireCuda but be careful here as these drives only work in SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) systems if you have an older SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) you'll need the older series. The other option is to upgrade to a SSD drive like this one: Samsung 750 EVO SSD which will work in either a SATA II or SATA III system but the larger drives do get a bit costly so make sure its a wise investment given the age of your system.

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Shamaun xrry about that,it has problems with the operating system, gentle cleaning is needed or delete inactive services to create room for the machine to run faster.

Tonny entebbe uganda

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