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Device turns on, Board recognizes power, no function

Hey guys, Ive mostly worked it down to board failue, but id like a second opinion.

So i have a laptop that by technicality, boots, but doesnt boot. It charges fine, and when i press the power button, the LED for the power comes on, and hold it turns it off. The LCD doesnt work, the Fan runs for 2 seconds then shuts off, and the HDD doesnt begin to spin.

I have tried

-the device in barebones, (Screen, Battery, Power button, Board) this does not fix the issue.

-Replacing the drive

-Isopropyl scrub of the board.

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If it does the same thing without the battery, but plugged in, yeah, the board; however their maybe something common to the product that someone else might know. If it has a graphics card, I've seen them cause the strangest of problems.

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