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Repair guides and support for weed whackers, also known as string trimmers, weed eaters, edge trimmers or line trimmers.

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Weed trimmer starts doesn't run

Featherlite 2c gas trimmer starts but doesn't stay running Husband took apart to clean, same result. Replaced sparkplug, starts easier, but doesn't stay running

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@please , Janet Hallmark , A common problem when your weed trimmer acts like this is the screen in the muffler(spark arrester) plugs with carbon deposits not allowing the engine to exhaust correctly, see video's below to see how to clean. Other issues could be bad fuel, wrong fuel mix, fuel cap vent plugged, in tank fuel filter plugged, hole in fuel line, clogged air filter, diaphragms in carburetor faulty, dirt in high speed jet of carb, failing coil, etc.. See the links below for more trouble shooting info. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Most of the time it is:

Air filter dirty.

Screen inside fuel tank clogged.

Air inlet on fuel tank cover blocked. (tiny hole in cap blocked)

Idle adjustment on carburetor/mixer incorrect.

Too much or too little "drag" from the trim head. Remove wire from spark plug before you hand check, and with a cold engine. You might get a serious cut if it decides to start.

Crud build up in fuel system or leak in primer.

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