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Error Code Print Unable 71!

Hi guys, i just want to know what was the problem of my printer. Brother DCP-7040, yesterday my wife print maybe 60 pages, then last night one of my costumer want to print only one page then the printer got a sound beep, then when i see the error it is "Print Unable 71".

Anyone can help me how to fix my printer. thanks in advance...

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@mukuba Print Unable 71 error message has to deal with the laser unit polygon motor. On most Brother machines the laser unit does not start up until it starts to print. If the motor does not get to operating speed in a set amount of time then the machine will produce a "Print Unable 71" error message. It is possible that this is caused by failed lubrication in the polygon motor bushing. You can try to S

1. Turn the machine off then back on

2. Replace the Laser Unit or Clean and Lubricate the shaft and bushing with a light weight lubricating oil

3. Replace the Main Board PCB

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very useful for me. i solve my problem.


How do you access the Laser unit and shaft the needs lubed? Thanks


I cannot find how to access this either, trying to fix this error


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official steps to follow for print unable 71 error message, you're welcome

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