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Canon's third iteration of their long-lens point-and-shoot camera design. Originally released in February of 2006.

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Memory Card Slot is in use but is showing No Memory Card?

My Canon Powershot S3IS is now showing No Memory Card while in fact there is a card that is properly formatted inside the slot. Just used it last night and it's been sitting still on my desk all day. No damage ever. Any suggestions to take care of this my self I am looking to do it myself.

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Jessica gives this link a try I know that it is for a different camera but it's the same error. and there is also a chance that your internal battery has gone "flat" :) It is a button type battery that sits between the AA batteries in the battery compartment. It looks like a little tab sticking out. This battery stores the date and time. Test that battery or replace it. It may solve the problem. Just my 2 cents and good luck...

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User guide page 135 shows the procedure...:)


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