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La PlayStation 3 (ou communément appelé la PS3) est le troisième système de divertissement informatique à domicile produit par Sony Computer Entertainment, et le successeur de la PlayStation 2. Il a été commercialisé le 11 Novembre 2006.

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replacing the ps3 blue ray mechanism

Hello All,

I have a ps3 (the big chunky one).

40GB hard drive. upgraded the hdd to 200gb, quite comfortably.

approx 2 weeks now the ps3 has stopped reading game discs.

I have a spare blue ray cd/dvd rom drive in one of the desktop pc's.

I was wondering (or more like) wanted to ask...

is the blue ray mechanism (in the ps 3) same as the dvd/cd blue ray mechanism?

to save few pounds i was wondering if i should take out and dismantle the pc blue ray cd/dvd rom and then replace it in the ps3?

any help or shedding some light on this issue will be much appreciated.

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just my opinion but i would buy one that is meant for the ps3 just to be sure....mostly because there are ribbon cables on the ps3 ones that im not sure would be on a pc drive... again just my 2 cents....also try cleaning the lens with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip first to see if that helps...might save you some money

Good Luck,


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There isn't even a way to connect a PC BD drive. You need to replace the laser portion and there is a guide for that here if you can obtain the part.

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I had 2 40GB fats and I switched the blue rays on them and now neither of them play game or even downloaded games or neflex. since both playstations are like that I think it might have something to do with the incompatibility of the blue ray players.

So I don't think you can put any blue ray in a playstation, but that's just my experience. I'm no expert and I could have done something wrong during the switch who knows.

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