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The Motorola V551 features EDGE high-speed data and video capture.

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Motherboard, trying to extract pictures from phone that doesn't work.

I have a Motorola v551 the phone quit working and I want to know if there is a way that I can extract the pictures that are stored in the phone from the motherboard?

Or which part of the phone that the pictures would be stored in.

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@bravo1 sorry but you cannot. Unless the phone turns on there is no way to recover the files. Your files are stored on an internal nand memory IC that is soldered to the logic board.

Update (03/25/2017)

@bravo1 just start off trying to figure out why your phone does not come on. Follow the instructions by motorola:

1. Telephone will not turn on or stay on. a) Battery either discharged or defective.

Measure battery voltage across a 50 ohm (>1 Watt) load. If the battery voltage is <3.25 Vdc, recharge the battery using the appropriate battery charger. If the battery will not recharge, replace the battery. If battery is not at fault, proceed to b.

b) Battery connectors open or misaligned.

Visually inspect the battery connectors on both the battery and the telephone. Realign and, if necessary, either replace the battery or refer to a Level 3 Service Center for the battery connector replacement. If battery connectors are not at fault, proceed to c.

c) Transceiver board assembly defective.

Remove the transceiver board assembly. Substitute a known good assembly and temporarily reassemble the unit. Press and hold the PWR button; if unit turns on and stays on, disconnect the dc power source and reassemble the telephone with the new transceiver board assembly. Verify that the fault has been cleared.

If the fault has not been cleared then proceed to d.

d) keyboard assembly failure.

Replace the keyboard assembly. Temporarily connect a +3.6 Vdc supply to the battery connectors. Press and hold the PWR button. If unit turns on and stays on, disconnect the dc power source and reassemble with the new keyboard assembly.

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