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A color version of the Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1998. Repair of this device is straightforward.

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Game boy not turning on

I put batteries in it but it won't start up

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i I have a problem with my Gameboy Color I bought. First of all the original power switch was toast, it simply fell appart. I bought a replacement and soldered it on.

When the switch is in the on position and I put batteries in, everything is fine.

When I turn the switch off, it turns off (although the last picture stays for a while on the screen) But here comes the issue. If I put batteries in while turned off, and I turn the power switch on, the power light just flickers shortly but the console does not turn on. This is repeatable.

Switchposition ON: put batts in, works fine

Turn OFF, Gamboy turns off, although picture remnants.

try to turn on again, Powerlight flickers but nothing happens...

I desoldered it already, to check if there is no short cleaned it up once more with alkohol, resoldered, same issue.

The problem seems to come in the transition from pins C + 1 to C+3 which causes something, but I have no clue


sorry for just editing now. I forgot to mention that I installed a funnyplaying LED Button board. turns out eventhough everything is mounted just fine and eventhough the led board works fine too, it seems to interfer with something.

Because after desoldering it, the game boy turns on just fine with the switch.

after remounting the led board, the same error occurs again.

So I' m gonna go with a replacement of C32, If this doesn' t change I' m gonna replace the other capacitors as well as f1 and f2.

But I think that C32 being the original power capacitor, it is said they were just made just good enough to make the gameboy run in its original state, and every mod can cause trouble, especially after 25 years


@frenchmax Move your comment to your question on here I have a problem with my Gameboy Color That way it is all in the same place :-)



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If that does not work try putting some 90% isopropyl alcohol in the power switch. This works like a charm on our refurb units.

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This worked great! I was able to get it working using white vinegar and a Q-Tip (didn't have any alcohol on hand).


Wow! you save me from a whole lot of dissapointment getting one from akiba japan only to get upset it wont turn off after returning to my country. Thanks a bunch hey!


What Suchipi said works wonders as well, recommend trying that out first!


This worked on my 20 year old game boy color. Time to introduce my kids to the original Pokemon!


I did this and also cleaned the battery contacts with a Q-Tip and 91% isopropyl alcohol. Not sure which did the trick in the end, but it's working now!


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Emery Sweeten, Clean the battery contacts inside your game boy with a pen eraser(has a little grit) to remove corrosion or use a Qtip dampened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol to clean contacts. Install another new set of good quality batteries and give it a try. If this does not do it it, there is likely an internal fault, bad switch, loose wire, etc..The link below will show how to disassemble you device if needed to check/reseat connectors and check for damage/loose components. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Vue éclatée de la Game Boy Color

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Yea, this doesn't work dude. This doesn't solve anything.


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