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Launched in spring of 2014, the OnePlus One packs a 5.5" display and runs the Android-based CyanogenMod 12S operating system. Model "ONE A0001."

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My Power Button Doesn't work.

I've just completed the screen replacement for my phone and when i tried to turn it on; nothing happens, no vibration, not lighting screen nothing. I don't know what to do, could someone please provide me with either an explanation as to why this is happening and a solution. I've checked the cable and its not cut or broken.

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Sounds like your connection for the screen may have come loss during reassembly. I am not familiar with your exact device, however if it is possible to disassemble the phone again and check your work I would recommend that first. If the problem persist beyond that then it may be a defective replacement screen or you may have damaged your device during the repair process.

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Oh, Boy oh, boy i hope that isn't the case. Thank you for responding though.


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