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Sortie le 3 mars 2017, la Nintendo Switch est une console portable hybride, avec la quelle on peut jouer en salon ou en déplacement.

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Can you do a teardown of the Switch pro controller?

I'm looking into modding my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller but I don't know if it will be as easy as the PS4 Dualshock controller, so I was hoping I could get some assistance!

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I just got done with my teardown and review of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller...hopefully this helps...Here's the link:

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@tronicsfix excellent video.


Over the shoulder unboxing technique, ah?

Yea tronicsfix, great video. Loved the T-shirt.

Also, do you play Xbox one? Or is the fixer of consoles a PC player...


Ha, ha...ya...I try to keep it simple! I play a little of everything...and by a little I mean I hardly ever have time to play anything since I'm so busy fixing everything.


Really? I didn't think that there where so many consoles that needed fixing. So many that you couldn't even use them. Play Destiny or Halo?


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