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The Palm T|X is a dark blue PDA released in 2005 and equipped with four buttons and a directional-pad.

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Where to buy battery for TX

TX will not turn on. Suspect battery. Where can I purchase new one? Cost?

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Have you checked ebay?


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So the first thing we need to figure out is if it's actually the battery. To do that, we are going to plug it in and try to turn it on. Does it display anything or try to turn on? Does it tell you to insert a battery before powering on, even though you have it installed? If so then it is indeed your battery, otherwise you should start assuming your battery is perfectly fine as either the motherboard or charger port is faulty and not passing power through to the PDA.

To address that issue you will need to either rebuild the PDA yourself starting with the charger port / motherboard your choice. Or take it to a local repair shop who can connect the device to a PC and troubleshoot / repair the device for you.

A repair shop will be more expensive, however you will get quality service and most likely a warranty. If you have a soldering kit then it would be cheaper to rebuild yourself. The motherboard doesn't require a solder tool to replace, however if you are looking into replacing just the charger port as that may be cheaper, you will need to un-solder it from the motherboard and solder the new one in.

If you strongly feel that it is just the battery and wish to start with that, you may find a replacement battery here:

Since you have not given us any model numbers you will need to use the link above and select a battery that matches your Palm TX Model as there are several versions. They're pretty cheap and range from $7 to $15 and some come with optional 1 or 2 year warranties.

If that turns out not to be the cause then you can request service for pretty cheap using professionals:

Or if you happen to have a soldering kit, then you can get the parts you need here:

Please make sure to match all parts to your Palm TX model numbers BEFORE buying anything. In addition if you need any help check out the links below for guides right here on ifixit! If you have any question feel free to ask me, I will get back with you as soon as I can! Also I edited the Palm TX Motherboard Guide to show what parts you need as they had none listed. So the link below is the unverified changed version. If you want the verified version click the link in the yellow bar at the top of that page. However the verified version does not show the parts you need.

You can also use the Motherboard replacement guide to see the Charger Port and un-solder it. If you buy the charger port replacement you will see it is just a used Palm TX, which means you will need to break that one down using the guide below and un-solder the good part. Then do the same for your bad part and re-solder the good one into your motherboard.

Servicing Guides

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Please change your log in @name , it is deceptive and you are not the admin here. Thanks. Also nice write up on your profile and welcome to the community ;-)


Im sorry you take it that way. I am not a Staff Member of Ifixit and do not pretend to be one. My name is nothing more than a play on words since we are on a site about fixing technology among other things and the people to fix them are administrators. My name is not to be confused with Official Staff employee here on ifixit, but instead is the meaning of an admin login account on windows. I am just an everyday user like the rest :D


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