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My asus t100ha won't turn on

I got an Asus about a year ago it was working fine until a few months later it sarted to give me problems it would take hours to charge and the battery would drain over night now it's not turning on at all does anyone a way I could fix this problem

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2 solutions

I have a t100ha that has been unstable and strange since I got it. Like the t100ta it replaced any time it wont turn on step 1 is to hold the power button down until the LED flashes (10-20 seconds). This will do a hard reset. These seem to have a tendency not to like resuming from sleep.

Another possibility is your power adapter is not putting out what it should and the battery is just dead. Find another source of power to rule this out.

When you attempt to turn it on do you get the expected LED behavior?

Was the device unplugged from power when it drained overnight?

Unplugged in standby mine will drain like I'm using it.

The last thing I would consider is hardware failure of the MB or battery. This could include the power delivery system, the battery itself, cpu etc. Although if it were the battery I think it would still be usable with ac power, but not sure about that. MB replacement I would guess not too complicated a repair based on my experience with the previous model but someone else may know better. My t100ta out of nowhere decided not to turn on one day. I could still get power. The cpu would heat up, but no power to the display.

My t100ta would need a new MB which isn't a difficult repair. The t100ha is what I'm currently looking into modding some heatsinks to try and solve instability issues, which brought me here. Hope any of this helps you. I will check in with new info when I tear into the t100ha.

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As I suspected the "ha" t100 is very similar to the "ta" as far as getting at the components. Just separate the back casing from the front and you can get at everything. I added heat transfer pads to the important components and slapped it back together. Got a good drop in core temps, and so far no instability. Just wanted to let you know it's a simple procedure if you need to open it up.


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Hi, It is possible that many of these answers are overkill! I spent several hours on this.

Buy a USB current monitor for a few $,then when you plug in PSU's and Leads you can see what is going on.Any USB Current monitor

Basically, if you lose your charger, or use a 'charge only' USB cable, it will not charge. The PSU may say, 10W, or 1A 5V, but the T100 seems very tetchy about havinga compatible charger. For example, I have not found a single Apple one that works.

Go all around your house, work and wherever else and find a pile of PSUs (don't bother with Apple) and Micro USB leads.

Once you get the thing to charge and boot than you can play around with Install BatteryBar and find the best PSU/USB Cable. My T100 IS WORKING a treat now.

Install BatteryBar v3.6.6

Have a look at it and you will notice the charge rate.

Block Image

I bet that this solves most T100 charge problems??1 Fingers crossed!

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