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Floor lamps are lights that sit on the floor. They are not table lamps, which are designed to sit on tables. Floor lamps are usually taller than table lamps.

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trying to determine what replacement to get

I have a floor/torchier lamp with a variable dial switch. I am trying to determine what replacement to get WITHOUT looking like the idiot I am. Any advice?

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@scottdeutsch any chance you can post some images of the current switch and of the lamp? that way we can see what you see Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that. "variable dial switch" as in a rotary 3-way switch?

Be easy on yourself "WITHOUT looking like the idiot I am" it's only a lamp and you do not want to beat yourself up over it :-))


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@scottdeutsch not exactly sure what you reference to a "variable dial switch" is but most Torchiere lamps use a rotary dial switch. They make those for a single filament bulb as well as multifilament bulb. To determine what you have we would have to see the actual switch and the wiring. It should look something like this

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