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How do I change my Virgin Mobile wireless internet USBs SSID settings?

I have a Novatel MC760 VMU that is not compatible with my netgear wireless router (don't know model number). I did get this message:

"Add WPS Client

New and easy way to connect to the Wireless Router via WiFi Protected setup (WPS)

A wireless client has to support WPS function in order to use this wizard to add the client to your WPS enabled Wireless Router.

Please check the user manual and giftbox of your wireless client to see whether it supports the WPS function.

If your wireless client does not support the WPS function, you have to configure your wireless client manually so it has the same SSID and wireless security settings as on this router."

How do i go about doing this?

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the model for my wireless router is Netgear MBR624GU mobile broadband wireless router


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Isn't the MC760 VMU a cellular modem? They usually have software on the modem you can access and install to your PC to connect to the internet through Virgin Mobile on a pay as you go basis. You don't use your router that is connected to your broadband service. For this you need a wi-fi card.


I don't think you can change the SSID on the usb modem. You might consider the MIFI option Virgin Mobile offers. Try this link: .

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um. the wireless router has 4 lan ports coming out the back. the 2 laptops in our home have excellent wifi cards, especially mine (macbook bro 2010). the issue is that the router is not compatible with the wireless/cellular modem. if i can change the virgin mobile wireless internet card's SSID to match the router's, then the router will spread the signal to our other computers. i dont know how to change the SSID on the card though.

the netgear website does not have the virgin card model listed under components compatible with the netgear wireless router.

the card works fine on one computer at a time, but i live where there arent internet or cable lines, so wireless internet is our only option since dial up is WAY too slow. We want to be able to use the internet on more than one computer at a time, even at the cost of spreading the bandwidth.

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