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Guides and support for devices that play video from DVDs.

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The dvd player drawer will not stay closed, and will not play disc

my Sylvania dvd player drawer will not stay closed. It will not play the disc.

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Hi @lfiziks ,

What is the model number of your player?

Have you tried another known working disc to see if that works?

Does the drawer stay closed without a disc if you open and close it?


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1 solution

Press insert button to make it load the disc while its traveling (or trying to suck the disc) push the drawer (whatever you call it)by your hand

This mostly happens cause of not using the player that much ,and the lens section which is riding on a mechanical part cant be lifted up.

Do this :(we acually giving more momentom and velocity )

Block Image

Ps i meant push in the painting ,dont break the drawer!!

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