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Le Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a été mis sur le marché en octobre 2014. Il a comme numéros de modèles SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V ou SM-N910R4, en ce qui concerne les versions américaines.

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Replace digitizer from another Note 4 (not replacement kit)?

Is it possible to swap out the digitizer from another Note 4 in to my own device, without doing damage to the S pen functionality?

When you pry open the screen you apparently damage the copper film -- what is the purpose of this film, and does it damage S pen functionality?

The replacement screen kit everywhere I look is the same price as a used Note 4, or Chinese phone, so the only cost effective option is to buy a broken (for parts) device on eBay that has a working screen.

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I've done it before without any problems. Also, I think you're talking about the contact point for the digitizer on the glass.

As long as you're careful you should be fine. I frequently swap parts of devices. The only times I've had problems were my fault i.e. rushing, being careless, ect.

Good luck.

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Have same problem here. OLED is apparently fine but the digitizer is glitchy.

I did also find a crack in the top which *may* be why it had issues but can’t tell for sure until its completely removed.

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I'm wondering the same. And John or Andre did you try this? And if so, can you share the outcome please. Thank you much.

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