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Please Help Identify what this chip does and maybe the datasheet?

I have a DIP through hole IC that i cant find any information on and would like to see if i can use it for furthering my electronics know how.

It has 3 lines of information as well as some writing in one of the little circle indents on the back.


LH231205 Japan

8949 E

The text in the indent on the back is:




Update (04/28/2017)

Block Image

Sadly I do not have any more information on it. I purchased it from an estate sale in a box of random parts.

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Glenn Wright that is an IC which was manufactured by Panasonic (now Matsushita). Check for PJWIP1180M-HM


Thank you for the Information, so far the only thing I can find, which is very little, is on the PJWIP1180MHM-W. I wonder if calling Panasonic/Matsusita might be the answer...


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Give us some context.

  • Take a picture of the IC?
  • What kind of pcb is it on?
  • What's the product?
  • Is it on a power supply board or some other type of pcb?

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Please see attached picture


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Open this datasheet to see if model and picture do match to your ic :

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I've tried that site, but when ever I click either on the product name or the pdf icon to download it just takes me to a google search containing "LH231205 filetype:pdf" which i had already tried before I found that site. Thank you for trying :)


@javid_zare_s always check your links before posting those as answers. The link you provided goes nowhere....


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