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A multifunction color laser printer by HP.

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Printer misses information on page or isn't transferring info

My printer has started to make a very loud crinkling noise and is missing part of printed field. Most recent document was only 40% visabje and not all aligned. In inspecting the rear opening, there is a very loose and damaged plastic sheet/roller cover that I see.

Can it be fixed?

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@dgpagel ,Doug, 1st link is the HP support site where you may find a authorized service/support. 2nd link is a site that sells HP replacement parts and if you see the plastic sheet/roller you require for replacement click on it and a exploded parts view will come up which may aid in the installation if you want to attempt the repair. Tried to get you a free service manual, the 3rd link is to be your manual but when I downloaded it came up as 1410 model, may be the same, not sure and the 4th link wanted $5.00 for service manual. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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