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Shortcircuit in simtray can damage?


Question is can shorted simcard tray golden connectors damage any component inside phone?

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@javid_zare_s in theory, yes it can. Here is the issue with your phone or for that matter with any Sony phone. Sony no longer has any schematics. Everything is strictly fixed by replacing. There is no more any way to even figure out which component is what. For your phone, Sony service centers would go ahead and replace the Sub Sim assembly and hope that would fix it. Here is an example of what their own service manual suggest the service center checks

Block Image

This is not to say that one could not figure it out, but it would require a lot of testing and a lot of different tools, and that is just to identify the components. So as you can see, this will be an extremely difficult repair.

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Ah thanks thats too bad

I wanna know if there's voltage across these pins? To check if any network ic maybe failed?!


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