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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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HOW COULD I REPAIR MY PHONE, it doesn´t turn on. I´ve tried a lot!

Dear Community,

My phone doesn´t turn on!

No light on the screen and no one at the buttons!

I tried to get into the download mode, (with button-combinations) didn´t work!

Bought a USB-JIG adapter (also for download mode), hasn´t work!

My battery is not defective.


Since 3-4 months my phone doesn´t turn on!!! :(

I would be really happy for any response from you guys!

(Ich spreche auch deutsch)


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Is the phone, when plugged into a computer, seen by the computer? have you tried charging the battery from a different phone and then putting in the battery ? The charger port could be the issue .This shows how to replace it Samsung Galaxy S II Micro-USB Port Replacement

You can by anew one from ebay oramazonHope this helps

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Thanks for the reply Jimfixer


, however, I have already tried to put a other charged battery from a different phone in. But it doesn't work!

Probably it is true.

I need a new charger port.

What if it isn't working after I changed the port, how can I safe my data?

Thank you for response.


Oh, something else.

This port, for which you send me the link, is the one for Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 i777, but what "i777" means??

How can I send you a picture of my Galaxy phone?

Inside my phone is this text below:



....and so on.


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If you want to test it down further more hardware wise. Get a multimeter and measure the positive and negative pins on the battery (It should be around 3.7-4.2v to indicate that it has enough charge to turn the phone on).

Also check the positive and negative pins at the same spot on the battery connector pins on the phone while the charger is plugged in and they should read a good voltage amount somewhere around 4.2v probably, if there is like 1v or a very low number or even 0v then there is a charging circuit issue, usually it's the charging port if it's physically damaged.

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Thanks for the reply Ben

@benjamen50, however, I have an external charger, which charges me almost all batteries.

So that means the problem is not the battery in the mobile phone.

Do you believe that the USB charger in the phone is damaged?


If the phone does not turn on with a known working charged battery then the phone is unfixable (well damaged beyond reasonable repair).

With a damaged charger port it's supposed to turn on no problem (Personally I've seen many client phones where the device will turn on when the battery is charged and working but the charger port physically damaged or even liquid damaged).

If you want you can open up the device (If you want to take out the board be careful of the power and volume buttons they are soldered to the board and requires them to be separated from the adhesive that sticks behind the button assemblies).

Doesn't hurt because one time a client came into my store with the same issue and we opened up and found out that the top right of the board was burnt severely from a major short circuit.

It looked like this which basically meant it was damaged well beyond repair:

If the board doesn't look like that on either side of the board then I'd say power management chip IC which is the big power chip has short circuited (Usually the phone will heat up a lot at the back if this was the case and that repair is same like above, not worth repairing at all.


To Ben, @benjamen50

(Do you speak german?, thats much easier)

Ok, opened the phone, where can I send you a picture to show you how it look like?

So what can I do now, I want to safe my data?

Because you said, when I change the USB charging port it will also not work?

Because the port is maybe not the issue.


And something else, what is "management chip IC"?

If it is the power button, I must say that I bought a USB-JIG adapter, it doesn't work.

That adapter help you to get in to the download mode.


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So to check power management chip IC you will need to:

1. Plug the phone into charger (use the charging cable)

2. Make sure no battery installed

3. Get a digital multimeter

4. Set it to digital voltage mode (The icon with the up and down square and not wavy line)

For the next step there are 4 terminals, just match to the battery's positive and negative symbols on the battery itself.

5. Put black probe on the negative symbol (from battery) lining up for the battery connector terminal on the phone.

6. Put red probe on the positive symbol (from battery) lining up for the battery connector terminal on the phone.

7. Read what is on the digital multimeter it should be reading some voltage like 3.7v-4.2v to indicate that it is charging the battery fine.

8. If no read voltage like that then power management chip is most likely bad.

For the step below, the first and last charger port pins need to be measured (leftmost and rightmost pin)

9. To confirm this you will need to measure the charging port pins itself, if they read between 4.0v to 5.0v then power management ic is bad.

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Thank you for the list.

To nr. 1: what does that mean the charging cable, which one, the usb cable with the adapter or the normal without?

To nr2: What do you mean with no battery installed?, Do you mean that the battery shouldn´t be plug in to the phone ?

To all the other numbers:

What happens if my results don´t match to your results?

Is then my "power management chip IC" damaged, if so what does that mean then?

Does that mean I can´t save my data anymore?


And do you think this product can be used for your guide? (link below):

I mean also wether that would be perfect for use it, with that what I should do ??


For NR .1: You need to plug the phone to a charger.

This above ^ means that your wall charger should be plugged into the wall (powerpoint) and the charging cable plugged in from the wall charger to the phone.

NR 2: Battery should not be in the phone, it should be away from the phone.

If the results aren't similar enough or do not match at all then there is a fault found either with the charging port or the power management IC depending on results from voltages measured like above.

Once power management chip IC is damaged there is no chance of saving data unless you take it to a mobile phone repair professional that replaces that chip.

You might be better off taking the phone to a mobile phone repair shop to get it diagnosed. They would know how to check the power management chip, charging port and charging circuit on the phone.

It is fairly complicated to walk through all this. Where I am at the moment it's 6AM so I'm just going to go sleep for now.


Sorry I couldn´t answer, i got problems with my Laptop.


do you think this product can be used for your guide? (link below):

I mean also wether that would be perfect for use it, with that what I should do ?? (if link is not working, then you should go to one of our last messages there is the same one)

To nr1: OK, now I know what you mean before.

To nr2: I understand.

And to the other answers.

I compare what is cheaper for me and then I do it.

And sorry writing so late last time, in my country it was 11 o´clock (night).

This is a time shift of 7 hours, where do you live??

Thank you for all response Ben.

If I have problems with "testing power managment chip IC" then I will contact you soon.



I'm in Australia. I will reply to your questions later as I'm currently going to class.


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@helpmejojo just to augment the two prior answers. You need a multimeter so that you can measure the components. Follow the troubleshooting from Samsung for a "No-Power" situation.

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