Black screen after screen replacement

I replaced a screen on an iPhone 5 SE then I restored the phone through iTunes. After restoring I set up the phone as new. Tested everything and it worked fine speakers, phone calls, notepad and so on. Then I turned the phone off and tried to turn it on again and now a black screen. But here is the weird part, when I plug the charger in the phone beeps, if I hit the power button once then again I now have picture and everything on the phone works. Do not understand why the phone will not turn on with power button and will with charger and then have to hit the power button twice to get it working. Any answers to this dilemma. Oh I also changed the screen twice and did a restore a second time, same problem.

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have you checked the ribbon that goes between the lcd and the logic board? This happened to me once when i ripped the ribbon accidently


Are you using iPhone SE (original / aftermarket) screens or iPhone 5S screens (original)?

Also did you reinstall the metal plate that covers the screen connectors as well and use the correct 4 screws for that area in particular?


Yes I did replace the metal plate and I also did all the updates. Late yesterday I turned the phone off again and tried to turn it on. I was talking with someone and looked down and the phone was on. It took about 2 minutes for the screen to work. I then turned if off again and turned it back on and watched the screen, it turned on again but the apple icon never appeared. I will check my cables.


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