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Fuel system flow problem. Engine will not start and run

My golf cart will not start this spring. It appears that it is starving for fuel. I have replaced the fuel filters, fuel pump, and checked the fuel lines. It still will not run. Do I need to prefill the gas lines and filters? Could the engine be shot and not creating enough compression to run the fuel pump?

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My 2006 Club Car fan out of fuel Sunday. I filled the tank, and now it won't fire. The fuel filter is empty. what should I do?


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@t663s33, Fred Clevenger, You did not state your year/make/model/engine so I will post some what generic answer on fuel issue. Ensure you have good fresh gas and that there is fuel flow from the tank, as there may be an internal screen in the tank plugged. If the engine has a fuel pump, you should not have to prefill lines/filters. Now assuming the engine was running good right up to the end of last season, I would think the engine to be OK. There is a possibility that the carburetor could be dirty or the float stuck not allowing gas to engine. If you can remove the air filter from the engine and squirt about 1/2-1 ounce of fresh gas right into carb.. If engine starts/runs then quits when the added gas burns off, the problem will probably be dirty carb. since you have already addressed filter, fuel lines, pump. If problem persist after carburetor cleaned/rebuilt the new pump may be faulty, vacuum line to pump pinched or plugged. If all looks good and still no go, have the compression checked on the engine to see if rings/pistons worn or possibly valve sticking. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I recently got delivery of a second hand Jaguar x type sedan from Japan. Cranked up well from the wharf and drove home without any problems and flew out for 3 weeks to work site. After returning back couldn't start the car. Ignition lights are on but engine not cranking. What would be the possible causes why the car is not even cranking? Checked for fuel flow and no indication of fuel flow coming out from the fuel nipples. If anyone has encountered similar problems with Jag please help me out. Thanks Issac from Papua New Guinea


I have the same issue going on with my 89 marathon. New carb new fuel pump and new spark plug. Will only start and run for 10 seconds top


If I spray a little starter fluid in the intake it runs for a couple min till it burns that off.


I have the same problem with my 91 ez go marathon. Fuel filters and pump changed. No luck. Will run for a minute with starting fluid.

Sounds like the carburetor is next . Did you guys ever solve your problem?


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