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Left Shoulder button on joy-con Spring ( L Button) is bent


Im looking for a Shoulder button Spring for my left joy-con Spring ( L Button) since the small spring itself is bent! and i have not found it anywhere online, can anyone please help me.


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This here is a picture [image|1123470]


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I hate to bring you the bad news but these just aren't available anywhere online yet. They are too new. Really your only option would be to purchase a broken controller if you can find one on Ebay (or locally). I haven't seen any there yet, but I imagine they will start popping up soon.

If you post pics of the spring I can see if it looks like any from anything else.

Hope this helps.

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Yea i have tried ebay sadly and nothing as of now! I have taken a picture of the spring and its abit bent! The spring is less than 1 Cm and im trying to post the picture here but cant seem to get around how to!


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