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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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My hard drive not read to any computer

my hard cover broken

when i reconnect it it make a high sound and after that start to make toot tone

what i can to do to got my data back

best regards

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ahmed ghobesh that WD10TMVW is the model number. What is the complete part number (should be on a sticker on the drive) If your drive does not get recognized and you connected it as suggested in the original answer, you can try to get your data back by replacing the complete controller board. It may allow you to access your drive and recover your files, but do consider this a failed drive. The replacement of the controller board will be similar to this one.

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Your hard drive seems like its dead.

If you have a SATA interface drive, which will have a long connector and a short connecter that are black with gold pins, use this to test it.

If you dont have a sata drive, there is really no way to test it besides the usb port as it is part of the drive and cant be removed.

Use that video to take apart the drive to get the hard drive out.

Can you also post a video of what the harddrive sounds like when its plugged in? You can do that by following the guide below

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If that doesnt work, look up "data recovery services near me" in google and pick one that you want to use.

Hopefully they can fix the issue and get your data back.

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You can do much better than this. Universal adapter?


He said its making a high sound and then toot toot sounds. He also says he needs to get his data back which makes me assume that his hard drive isnt being detected and the sound and the toot are not sounds hard drives should be making.


Tell him how to remove the drive and test it or try to run a repair on it or attempt recovery of his data. What is causing this toot sound and or high sound? Where's the audio upload of the sounds? Don't just restate his question! What connector does the drive have? Will it test with an adapter or in an external enclosure? What model is it? Is it a USB II or III?


@mayer Better?


Better. Upvoted.


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