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The Canon EOS 60D is a 18 MP DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera with an articulating LCD screen. The camera was released August 2010 and is identified by the EOS 60D printed on the front of the camera.

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My camera won't turn on without an SD card in it

So I recently installed Magic Lantern to my Canon 60D. All is well until I encounter a few problems:

- My charged camera's battery won't turn on when I need to use it. Putting the battery on the charging cradle shows that the battery is flat and in need of recharging

- My camera cannot turn on after I remove and reinsert the memory card. Removing and Reinstalling the battery fix this problem

It all happened since I installed the Magic Lantern, so naturally I blame Magic Lantern and uninstall it from my camera. But even after I uninstall it, the problems still persist.

Recently I discovered that my camera won't turn on at all without a memory card inside it. Normally I can still turn it on at it showed "No Memory Card".

Anybody can help me?

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I'm having the same issue Also. After installing magic lantern, the camera wont turn on with an SD card in it. If I remove the SD card and take the battery out then back in, the camera will turn on. But never when the card is in. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I am in exactly the same situation with the same symptoms but so far I have no idea of the cause and thus no remedy. Have you solved the problem since? how?


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Logic dictates cause and affect. But batteries fail and we tend to think that the last thing we did was the cause. Try a new battery and see if the problems go away.

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Okay I suppose I'll try that. But in the mean time, another detail I forgot to mention is the battery will only lose it's charge when it is inside the camera. If I leave it unplugged from the camera, the battery will retain its full charge


I have the same issue and have tried two different (fully working and charged) batteries.

The camera works fine with the SD card, but will not turn, or even show the battery level, when there isn't an SD card present. It's not that much of a problem, as I can use the camera. Have installed ML as well previously.


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