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screen refurbish company china?

hey people! i like to refurbish my broken screens in china, but i cant find any company's. a man told me that he sended his broken screens to china to be refurbished but diden't want to tell me what the name of the campany was.

i don't know if this question i supposed to be asked here but i thought why not give it a try..

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Man dont ever send your phone to china if you dont personally know tha factory or the person in their.China deifinitely has the best screen when it comes to apple but they also have the worst .so the thing in their is really tricky so should know the person or the person their ahould buy the goods for you remember If you dont know a people or if your a business mindset people like the most on. China why would you give the best to whom that lives far away to you .Just an opinion buy it on wheir you leave definitely for you to make sure having the quality you really wants the most .Again chinese is bery tricky when it comes to that if you dont wanna suffer getting a cheap one on a higher value just buy in your country for you to examine it all by yourself dont trust to people that you dont know man .

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thanks for your comment, but i know there are good refurbish factory's in china!


Try finding in shenzen China man if you still wants to


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