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My left Joy-Con has a mind of its own; it lags and doesn't sync.

My left joy-con seems to have a communication issue with my Switch when playing in TV or tabletop mode (Joy-con disconnected from the Switch). I do not have this issue when playing in handheld mode. The left joy-con will sometimes not pair with the console. If connected, the connection drops sporadically throughout play. The controller will not respond to my commands, and my character will move and perform actions that I did not intend to input. I have seen suggestions on the internet about taking apart the left joy-con and installing some conductive wire or foam to the bluetooth antenna inside the controller, but I have not seen a comprehensive guide on how to do this. Is there anyone in this community that could help this widespread issue with the Switch?

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This is a known problem with the left joycon. Apparently nintendo didn't put an antenna in that one, perhaps so it could use the right one as a middleman. Read about it here and here.

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