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Red LED flash 6 times, no startup


I have a Sony Bravia KDL-55NX723, red LED flash 6 times and does not startup.

I have taken apart the rear and started troubleshooting this matter.

I found a guide to error codes on bravia TV's and it states : Backlight issue, bad main board, power board or inverter board.

I have checked the 3.3 standby Voltage, this is present.

The 12 V regulated DC from main PSU to second PSU (Inverter board for LED light??) falls to 0 V when TV is turned on and red LED blink.

By removing different cables i can make the TV display different error codes.

1: removing video cable it blinks 5 times. (Bad lcd panel connection)

2: removing what i think is the tuner, it blinks 10 times.

This gives me hope that maybe the main board is still OK, since it tries to start/locate this and then gives error code when is discovers a problem.


Block Image

Block Image

When removing the cabel im pointing at, the green LED starts and stays on for 5-6 seconds, then it cannot start and red LED error is shown.

Any ideas as to what is it? Could it be one of the two power boards?


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I'm not real familiar with this chassis, but I would look for the 300 or so volts feeding the backlights. they will be coming off one of the power boards and the wires will go inside the back which the circuit boards are mounted on. If that voltage comes up for a few seconds and then the set shuts down you likely have a bad LED strip or two. If you get no voltage at all then you likely have a power supply problem. Usually the smaller power board drives the backlights but, well you know, some of these engineers are kinda clever at mixing things up. Good luck.


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You have to replace defective back light defective led strips

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