The PowerMac G5 is a desktop computer first produced in 2003 by the Apple Corporation. This guide will review the repair process of an Apple PowerMac G5 model number A1047 EMC 2061 from 2004. It was discontinued in 2006 as part of the Intel switch first to developers then consumers.

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Can I swap cases?

I have two G5s, one a 2.0G and one a 2.7G. The 2.7 has a bad logic board, as diagnosed by an Apple Repair Center, the 2.0 has a damaged case, but works fine.

My question is, can I take my logic board from the 2.0 and install it in the 2.7's case?

If so, can I retain all the other bits from the 2.7, such as power supply, video card (2.0's is a Radeon 9600, 2.7's is a Radeon 9650), Cd/DVD? Or do I need to swap everything?

There's no guide here at ifixit for removing the logic board, but I found one here:

Will I have a problem with the fans if I do this?

And lastly, is it worth the bother?!

Thanks, this site is a great resource.


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Is it worth the bother? I say yes because I did it. You will need the original installation disk to set the fans. It is some trouble and takes some time but I like having the new unbent case. The power supplies may be of different wattage. Use the best video card. Use the best DVD drive.

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Problem... I don't have the original disks. I just wrote and asked the person who sold me the computer, but not hopeful.

I suppose an Apple repair place could reset the fans... what about the PRAM reset procedure I read about, that doesn't help?

Thanks for your response


If you don't have the disk, don't do the swap. Get a price from your Apple place before doing this.


Or click on my icon and email me.


Do both cases have the wide plastic strip down the back or do both use the removable antennas. If one has the strip and the other has the removable antennas then I do not know if the physical size of the boards and other items are the same.


I'll look and get back to you. Hard to get to the working G5 at the moment. Thanks for your answers.


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