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Processeur 1.86GHz ou 2.13 GHz, Flash Storage 128GB ou 256 GB

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Is it possible to tighten the hinge action on the new MBA?

I'm not sure if they did this so that it could be opened on a table without holding the lower portion down, or if it was a results of weight savings, but the hinge action on the new MBAs is looser than it is on the Macbook Pros.

Is it possible to tighten the hinge to make the display a bit more rigid?

Of note, Anandtech's comprehensive review also mentioned this:

"The weakest link in the design is the hinge, which I feel is actually a bit looser than the hinges in other Apple notebooks. While the display is far from floppy, the hinge isn’t strong enough to keep the display from opening/closing more when faced with sudden movements of the notebook. Picking it up from a desk without closing the lid would sometimes cause the lid to tilt back . I didn’t have the problem of the lid auto closing due to gravity when I used the 11-inch Air while laying down, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if that developed over time."



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Since the Book is less than three months old I would report it to Apple (for future documentation), make sure you have Apple Care on it to extend your warranty. It will be a while before any of us get to see this model.

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