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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Phone won't turn on

I did a soft reset on my LG G2 by holding the power button and the lower volume button and now the screen is very mildly covered by backlight and nothing will work.I tried turning it on and off and doing another soft reset and nothing seems to work.When i turn it off it just goes on again by itself in a matter of seconds from the moment i turned it off and only a little backlight is shown and nothing works,not even the sound.I tried connecting it to my computer to back up the files and do a hard reset but my computer won't recognize it.

Update:I cannot even perform a hard reset,the phone won't respond in any way other than turning itself on again to the state of just having its backlight turned on a little bit so i can't do it.Please help

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Are you attached to that data ? Because I got bad news. You will have to factory reset. Luckily for you some photos if not all are downloaded to picasa

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Nevermind for the photos,i just need my phone to work lol.Do i do a hard reset?Since i cannot turn the phone on


yes its your only option now


i can't perform a hard reset,i sent it away to be fixed if it even can,thanks anyways


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