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Un grand smartphone de LG, commercialisé vers 2014. Ce téléphone bénéficie d'un écran Quad HD IPS et d'une camera de 13 megapixel.

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A Proplem with my screen!

Hi, I have this problem since a month:

Suddenly, the display's light becomes flashing on the right and left sides, and after a while, the whole display dims gradually and doesn't respond to touches.

When that happens. I have to press the lock key in the back twice to take me to the lock screen where I have to enter the pattern again.



and some times it takes two days to see this problem again.

But sometimes it become so annoying and happened rapidly so I can't do any thing with my phone.

Please help me, is it a screen problem ???

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Have you ever replaced the screen before?


No, Even my phone didn't get fixed at all.


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i believe the lcd is going bad, i saw this same exact issue with a customers phone, i thought it was the proximity sensor so we took off her tempered glass, it worked then it came back right away.

my conclusion was she had either a faulty motherboard or faulty lcd

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