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AEG SCS51800F0 not freezing

Hi there,

After any help please. My Husband has defrosted our freezer and it's now stopped freezing. He took to the top 'ceiling' with a hammer and I think he could have damaged something. Is there anything I can do? We have a freezer full of food that's defrosting and I'm 3 weeks away from having our third baby, could really do without this right now

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Picture attached of the top of the freezer:



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I can't See the photo but if your evaporator coil is top mounted it would likely have been damaged by a hammer. First make Sure the Compressor is running. Next Remove the panel over the evaporator Inside the freezer. Make Sure it has an even layer of Frost on it. If it is only partially frosted you may need a new freezer (evaporator coils are very $$$).

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