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Le Galaxy S7 Edge est la variante avec écran incurvé du téléphone Samsung phare de l'année 2016, le Galaxy 7. Annoncé en février 2016 et mis sur le marché le 11 mars. Modèle SM-G935.

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What's wrong with my S7 Edge's screen?

My S7 Edge's screen has been flipping out lately. The issues change randomly. The bottom half of the screen will be white with the top half being really dim, either half will flicker, and lots of crazy stuff that makes the phone absolutely unusable. It started with there being a dead line in the middle of the screen. Has anyone had this problem and/or have any suggestions?

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The screen is damaged (most likely under the glass to the edge of the LCD, where the fracture is not visible) and will need replacing. This used to be quite common on the S6 Edge too, would cause single pink vertical lines to appear on the screen.

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After tearing it down, it looks like it isn't any minor issue like a loose connector. I think I'd rather pay off the rest of it and get a new phone than spend $280 or so to replace the screen.


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you either have a bad connection to your screen or your line drivers are blown.... it's probably a bad connection judging by its randomness ....dropped the phone at any point ?

if it's out of warranty strip it down and push home & reconnect all ribbon cables internally

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