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La famille des Macbook a été introduite pour la première fois en mai 2006, pour remplacer la gamme portable d'Apple, les iBook.

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How diagnostic from usb key?

Think my logicboard is dead, black screen, just HDD who is power on nothing else, opical drive do not respond at all

How to realize an hardware diag from external usb key cause to put "D" key at startup do nothing


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I'm not sure I understand. Your symptoms point to a dead logic board, but what are you attempting with USB?


With 24h, no changes, I have power cause I can heard the Hard drive power up

Think its logic board definitivly



yes and no chime even if I keep power button on during a while...


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Grasping at straws here...

You could try removing the battery, unplugging the power, and letting it sit for 24 hours and see if that brings it back to life.

I assume you're not getting the startup chime? If you are, there are other steps we could offer.

Have you considered it may not be getting enough power? Do you have access to another power adapter to try? Try it without the battery installed.

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I hope an usb diagnostic tool in order to confirm if logic board is dead or not cause I m not confortable to buy another logic board just for fun !

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Unfortunately if the logic board is bad the USB ports most likely will be dead. Ralph


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