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Apple a lancé le MacBook Pro Retina 15" avec un nouvel écran d'une résolution de 2880 par 1800 pixels.

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How should working MacBook react if someone removes ssd & turns it on

I am diagnosing my MacBook, which is not turning on. Just curious if you remove ssd from a working MacBook, and there is no other source to boot mac, will the screen light up for a brief moment or not. Or will the fan start or not. I have a 2014 15'' MacBook pro.

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If there's no bootable volume and the machine is otherwise functioning should get a folder with a question mark. In some newer Macs, I've seen them occasionally try to boot to an internet recovery partition which looks more like a globe. I hope that helps.

There's a guide I put together of the startup layers of a Mac, which is for troubleshooting startup issues. Feel free to check it out here:

Feel free to contact me if you need more help.

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