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iPhone 7 screen flickering

Hello, I have an iPhone 7 screen was cracked and replaced and now the screen flickers. What causes this and how would I fix it? I also have an iPhone 6S plus that does the same.

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Does the original screen flicker if you re-install it?

Screen flicker is usually caused by improperly seated or dirty connectors. Take a closer look, under magnification to see if there is any debris impeding a good electrical contact. You can also clean both sides (flex & logic board) of the connector with IPA (>90%). Sometimes, the retaining bracket has to be installed completely before flicker goes away.

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That looks like a defective screen. Do the IP7 and IP6S do exactly the same thing? If so, you may want to consider changing suppliers.


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Along with the flickering, it turns colors sometimes. It seems like certain colors triggers it. What do you think it would be? Maybe a cheap screen that was used?

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I have the same problem with my iPhone 7. Bought it without the screen then i have installed in it aftermarket screen to see if it works. Then i have ordered original, refurbrished screen and it was working fine for 3 months… then it started flickering. So i have bought another screen, again refurb, and after a month without a reason it started to act exactly the same like the one in the video. What can causing my screens to die? After puttin back the aftermarket display phone is working fine…

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