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Repair information for Motorola's Moto X line of mid- to high-end smartphones.

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Moto X Android 4.4.4 crashes without reason or pattern

It was factory reset already.

Usually turns off within 24 hours, more often then not after a couple of hours.

Booting seams normal.

Its not trauma related either, I can shake the phone no problem. Then it sits there and just shuts off without reason or notice. I think it happend once that it just turned off while I was using it, but usually I pick it up and its off.

The battery is not drained just turned off.

Does anyone have any idea what to try?



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Running it in safe mode did not help, so its not a third-party application causing it to crash.


I'd try another battery first.


Hey Ben, @benjamen50

you mean it could be the battery that shorts out for a second or something, causing the device to be out of power. But it does not drain the battery? Because the capacity seems spot on and quite good actually..

But then also it could be any piece of the hardware or connection that is the problem. Did you ever experience this and it was actually the battery?




It turns off rather quickly now, usually within an hour.

I will try and see if it still happens when its connected to the charger.


Oh jea one more thing. Even without wifi or network connection it remembers time correctly! Does it have another secondary battery or is this evidence that it can not be the battery causing the crashes? Because the time would be wiped otherwise.


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It could be a degrating battery sometimes it dies at a certain % also you can try backing it up and reinstalling the OS unless it is rooted and or it has a custom rom

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